Package Travel Regulation (in German “PRV”)

We are registered as authorized executor for travel services in the Austrian Business Licence Information System (in German “GISA”) under following GISA number:

AX Travel Management GmbH: GISA number 25582383

Travel insolvency protection pursuant to the package travel regulation occurs. The hedger is Erste Group Bank AG via guarantee declaration no. 9419.

The liquidator is Europäische Reiseversicherung AG (travel insurance company)
Kratochwjlestraße 4
A-1220 Vienna
Tel: +43 (1) 317 25 00
Fax: +43 (1) 319 93 67

All claims must be made to the latter within eight weeks of the occurrence of events outlined in section 1(3) PRV, otherwise claims will not be valid. Unless otherwise agreed, a deposit of 20% of the full price must be paid when the booking is made (or, at the earliest, 11 months before the end of the trip). The remainder falls due 14 days before the date of departure and the travel documents will be handed over on payment of the balance.