Business Travel Services

  • Experience quality service.

    More than flights, hotels, rental car. Your business travel experience will be enhanced by our teams of specialists assisting you every step of the way, from initial competitive price inquiries, reservations and booking (including issuing of flight tickets) to providing advice on how your travelers can reach their destinations quickly, efficiently and safely. Our processes are regularly ISO certified (ISO 9001-2015)

  • Book fast and professionally.

    Our well-tried, sophisticated processes give us seamless access to your company‘s travel guidelines and your travelers’ profiles. Our 24-hour service can be used daily after business hours.

  • Online Competence.

    As an online market leader, we offer a variety of self-booking tools with cost-effective fees to guarantee long-lasting savings. Our Online Competence Team serves as an internal technical helpdesk (implementation, training, assistance with the booking process, etc.). Together with our partner Concur, we also offer options for integrated travel cost invoicing.

  • Easy Accounting.

    We recommend the use of travel accounts for payment of your travel services. This special credit card programs ensure greater transparency on the financial statement (for example display of all dates & reference fields).

    We work together with the leading suppliers 

  • Benefit from professional consultation.

    Our account management team consists of experienced consultants with in-depth expertise capable of offering you unique solutions: business travel strategies, strategic purchasing and optimization of your entire travel resources.

  • Optimize control.

    Our online reports ensure greater transparency. Your travelers’ activities can be monitored from the very beginning to the end, improving compliance with your travel guidelines. By implementing our tracking system you can easily track and contact your travelers.

  • Maximize savings.

    Find out about your hidden savings potential in travel management: you benefit from our technological leadership and the experience of our worldwide partners. Assure yourself of our competitive booking fees and purchasing advantages with respect to flights, hotels and rental cars.