Our professional advisers use the latest booking software. We have access to daily special offers whilst also complying with specific company rates or prescribed travel guidelines.

As an American Express Global Business Travel partner, you can benefit from additional discounts & the best daily prices for hotels & rental cars.

Vouchers – we will process the payment for you, if you wish.

Costs for hotels (overnight accommodation costs) & vehicles (including extras) are usually paid on-site by credit card. Would you like to set a cost limit for your travellers, or to cover your guests’ bill directly? American Express Global Payment Cards and AirPlus (travel account cards) offer virtual credit cards which – for a predetermined amount – can be used when booking with us. Alternatively, e-vouchers can be used for on-site payment and can be billed directly to your company.

Travel Management, All in One Place. Safely to Your Destination.

Book your hotel & rental car at the same time as booking your flight – this not only saves time, but planning costs too. Our travel advisers will also make sure that if your travel route changes, even at short notice; your hotel or rental car will be rebooked or cancelled too. And “Traveller Tracking” doesn’t have to end after booking the flight. Evaluation and analysis empower you to implement strategic procurement and governance measures